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Day 12

Mc Allen

August 23rd 2012 : In Laredo, we attend a meeting where the main protagonist is Laredo's mayor, Raúl Salinas. He commits himself to put the pressure on both governments. I hope his commitment is not only related to presidential elections in November.

Then, we joined Mc Allen, another city on the border, just in front of Reynosa, very violent as well. I meet there Lourdes, who emigrated long time ago. She tells me she's worried for her son, who was recently deported back to Reynosa. He doesn't want her to to visit him anymore. He says very often we can hear shootings in the city.

Laredo and Mc Allen

My cousin and my aunty

I meet my cousin Clarisa and my aunt Margarita. Clarisa lives in Mc Allen and her mother came to visit her. We talk a bit and we say goodbye, we must take the road again.

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