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Day 20

Fort Benning

August 31st 2012:

Fort Benning is sadly famous in all Latin America. Here is the headquarter of the School of the Americas, a kind of University of counter-insurgency where thousands of military men of the continent were trained.

They have a big responsibility in South America’s dictatorships and in the paramilitary troops proliferation in Central America. Here, they learned how to intimidate, to torture, to sequestrate in order to fight against communism. Now that the red threat doesn't exist anymore, a lot of them collaborate with drug dealer groups.

School of the Americas

Atlanta at dawn

During the sit-in, I talk with Daniel Gershenson, one of the caravan organizers. I wonder if U.S. government was involved in Tlatelolco's massacre in 1968, when the Mexican army shot at students. This day, my mother survived by miracle.

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