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Day 19


August 30th 2012:

In Atlanta, everything seems in relation with Martin Luther King: museums, statues, posters, the pacifist leader picture seems to have become a real cult. Javier Sicilia and the caravaneers visit reverend's grave.

Roberto Lovato

Sicilia in front of
Martin Luther King's grave

He invented the concept of "Juan Crow", in reference of Jim Crow's laws which limited colored people the rights. This concept is based on the war against drugs and migratory laws. It's a modern copy of these laws, as it pushes latin people towards illegality keeping them away from civil rights as any other citizen.

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Roberto Lovato, one of the caravan organizers, cofounder of the NGO, is worried about King's legacy. For him, everybody uses his image for personal purposes. He perceives a new form of segregation of the Afro-American and Latin community.