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Day 16


August 27th 2012

To protest against gun sale laxity, an event is organized on Guadalupe's Square. Javier Sicilia destroys a rifle AK 47 and a Magnum 357. Some "victims" bury them afterward in concrete.

Gun destruction in Houston

Javier Sicilia destroys an AK-47

Our trip to New Orleans is cancelled due to an hurricane alert. The drivers don't want to take the risk to get blocked in the city. We are going directly to Jackson, Mississippi. We definitely leave back the border states to discover U.S. South West, emblematic region of civil rights struggle and no-violence.

12 San Diego
13 Los Angeles
14 Los Angeles
15 Phoenix
16 Tucson
17 Las Cruces
18 Albuquerque
07 Mexico
19 Santa Fe
20 Santa Fe
21 El paso
22 Laredo
23 Mc Allen
24 San Antonio
25 Austin
26 Houston
28 Jackson
29 Montgomery
30 Atlanta
31 Fort Benning
01 Louisville
02 Chicago
03 Chicago
04 Chicago
05 Toledo
06 New York

07 New York

08 Baltimore
09 Baltimore
10 Washington

11 washington

12 washington
27 Houston

They plan to take this objects, symbols of pain due to the gun business, to different emblematic places of the country and leave them as peace seeds.